Treeline Green Iguanamed Scrubs

Treeline Green, Iguanamed Scrubs, Nursing Scrubs Treeline Green, Iguanamed Scrubs, Nursing Scrubs
Iguanamed Scrubs 5600 Iguanamed Scrubs 5500
Quattro 3 Pocket Top Quattro Pant
Treeline Green $29.99 Treeline Green $31.99

TreeLine Green Iguanamed Scrubs Quattro Female 3 Pocket Top (5600): Quattro 3-Pocket Top Iguanamed Scrubs - Styled to perfection for the active lifestyle of the medical professional. The well positioned Quattro Ricamo stitch adds style and balance from head-to-toe. The stylish shape of the neckline rests on a trim of fabric that helps capture contrast throughout. The Functionality (3 concealed inside pockets, badge clip loop, pen slot) and the perfectly crafted Fit of IguanaMed translates to Quattro Perfection. Iguanamed Scrubs!

TreeLine Green Iguanamed Quattro Scrubs Pant (5500): Quattro Scrub Pant (5500) Iguanamed Scrubs - WOW - The brilliantly placed and angled front pockets are perfectly framed by the Quattro Ricamo stitching that runs from the front waist to the side leg. Small button provides extra security to ensure nothing slips away. Inside pockets (and back pocket) provide extra storage flexibility. Oh, don’t forget about the subtle flare leg opening and draw’lastic waist line. Did I say WOW? Cute Nursing Scrubs! Iguanamed Scrubs!

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